Traditional Folk music is not new to Stafford – Stafford has a traditional musical heritage going back over fifty years, in fact one of its former clubs – The Falcon Folk Club was one of the premier clubs in the country and hosted a weekly club night that attracted guests and an audience from all over the nation, in fact anyone who was anyone in the folk world played there, you name them, they played at the Falcon.

In the early eighties, the club moved en masse to the Stafford Gatehouse Churchill rooms, this was equally successful and ran for many years until management changes at the Gatehouse forced its closure.

Since then there has not been a traditional club in the town, though there have been numerous session clubs and, of course, the Sit ‘n Listen mixed acoustic club.

Although the idea of re-starting a Traditional Club has been brewing for many years, but we have always stumbled over the perennial problem – a suitable venue. With so many of the bigger pubs with function rooms closing it looked very much like the idea was nothing more than a pipe dream till the newly refurbished Bird in Hand opened, and what’s more, the landlord and landlady (Terry and Dee) were very keen on our ideas.

We aim to bring to Stafford some of the very best traditional Folk performers, not just people who are the household names of the folk world, but also up and coming spectacular new talent.

The club is run by a team of very experienced volunteers, many are musicians and singers themselves and some of them actually ran the Falcon all those years ago and also have been responsible for many of the session clubs in the town.

The club is non-profit making, all the door fees and raffle contributions go towards paying for top quality guests. We are trying to keep the tickets cost to a realistic level in order to make this wonderful music as accessible to as many people as possible.